Stories from the corner of 37th and Nicollet

Detours do not deter - Day 12

I spent a long time Saturday night trying to navigate the detours of the 35 and 94 closing, so I was a little worried about whether our mother's day brunch crowd might be very light this year during construction.  While it wasn't overwhelming, it was a good day for the cafe and it was great to see so many families (with young and old included) make the trek, follow the detours, and take the longer than usual walk to Butter. 

I know at least one young scooter-riding boy who will actually be quite sad when our triple ramp/bridge set up out front is gone. 

There was a larger-than-usual number of cars trying to drive down the closed Nicollet - inching their way along the packed sand, maneuvering around the exposed sewer covers and pipes. That's one sort of detour I guess.

Many folks today had not been to shop since construction began...

"How long?" the list questions starts with.

And "This can't be good for you, is it pretty bad?"

We settle on the hopeful note that yes, it will be done before I know it, it will be a great new road, and butter can get through this. And after a Sunday such as this, it does seem possible.