Stories from the corner of 37th and Nicollet

Day 15 - one big hole

The corner picked up a large access hole today.  The back hoe operator deftly dug out a pit and scraped it to within inches of the large support tube that he then lowered into the hole.  For such a big piece of equipment - i was amazed at the precision and fine tuning be completed.  From this access point the water line and sewer will get some attention in the days to come.

People still continue to drive on the "closed road" - not sure if it is out of frustration or just being clueless to a big sign blocking the road that says closed.  Of course it also says businesses open - so I guess if you want to support one of those businesses - perhaps you just need to go around the sign.

We will have our second "stakeholder" meeting Thursday morning here at the shop - I'm curious to hear how the city and project manager feel the progress is going.  I am also hoping to hear about any forms of assistance for the lack of parking and challenges to manage the detour routes.  I try to keep smiling, to keep taking it day by day and to keep looking for whatever positive experiences I can draw from this challenging time.