Stories from the corner of 37th and Nicollet

Day 21

Rain, repairs

Pipes and puddles

The trench work continues, but the rain seems to have slowed some things down.  Unfortunately the backhoe that has been a very active member of the work crew was under repair for most of the day which also slowed things down. 

The big sewer pipes have arrived.  I had a flashback to my early childhood when our street got its first storm sewer. The big sewer entrance pipe was dropped off in front of our house and was waiting to get installed the next day.  I can remember standing inside it trying to imagine how it was going to sit under the ground - and what it would be like to be inside it when it was indeed installed under the street.  Once we did have to pry off the grate to rescue one of our cats, and it sure felt strange being in it then.

Now they seem kind of odd just hanging out on the street - some sort of modern art installation - sculptures of sleeveless vests perhaps?

Repairs didn't get much further inside the shop either - the dishwasher sits idle in the back seemingly discarding one part after another. The drain pump is the next piece on the replacement list. What will get done first - the dishwasher repair or the road?