Stories from the corner of 37th and Nicollet

After the rains

Yesterday was pretty much a rain day.  Being a weather dependent shop, I do understand the challenge of dealing with the varieties of weather.  Storms came through during the morning and the crews on the corner worked as long as they were able before finally calling it a day.  Fortunately the concrete was a bit forgiving and maybe a bit happier being poured in the rain instead of a blistering hot day.  But the crew, well, they weren't so happy trying to work around the rain.  Then, much like my son's soccer games we watched in the rain hoping for lightning to come so we could just call it quits -- the lightning did come. 

The streets were quiet later in the day...half finished curbs waiting for Thursday's sun.  And right at 7 am - they were here and setting up forms.  The final sewer connections are being made - the most tedious of the set up - and with this final set the next two layers of asphalt should be ready for a Friday roll.  This weekend the road itself will look ready to use. 

And yet. 

A couple more weeks of sidewalk work are ahead -- so close and yet...