performer notes

performing @ butter bakery café
music / readings / performance

contact:  Dan Swenson-Klatt   

butter bakery café is a neighborhood coffee shop offering an opportunity for performance or background atmosphere

we wish to support local (minneapolis / tc area) artists, and especially those sharing our vision of creating a more just and sustainable society through community building.

 we offer a limited entertainment venue – there is no shop-wide amplification / band size limited to 5 – we do have a small PA system available for assistance with vocals/acoustic instruments – we do allow electronic keyboards.

a two hour time slot is available Mon – Sat -- evenings from 6 to 8 pm or afternoons 3 to 5 pm – we are willing to adjust to fit your schedule.

the shop is open during this time – a distraction-free environment is not likely --

during warm weather months we can help you set up outside on our front patio for a sidewalk performance if you'd like

butter bakery café does not purchase music licensing from BMI/ASCAP/MAFIA/SESAC so musicians should only play their own, public domain material, or those you have permission to play.

while butter is not able to provide compensation, you may collect tips / sell your own materials / promote upcoming paid events.  you can expect to be treated to beverages and food from the shop because we like to share our talents also – come early for a meal!

you may book performances 1 day to 1 year in advance: to book we would like you to:
1.    register your self /group with butter bakery café by sending contact information (or use this form)
2.    send a link to an online sample or provide a demo if you have one
3.    we appreciate any notes regarding availability or preferred dates!
once we confirm your booking in writing (email / letter)
1.    acknowledge this booking in writing (email / letter)
2.    please include the event in your social media / events calendar and please send us a link so we can connect to your promotions and send promotional information / posters / or anything else you think would help us promote your event!