Wish List for Community Supporters

January 2018

During the fall of 2012 we held a fundraiser to assist with this major move and construction project.  While our Kickstarter Project helped us complete a large number of projects, it didn’t go the whole way.  There are a few pieces of the design that have been on hold…beyond what can be considered my normal operating funds.

With the Support of Sunrise Bank, I was able to secure an SBA loan to begin to complete our final projects!  This is a big investment and commits me to this space for the next 10 years!   Helping me pay down this loan will make the next years even more stable and allow Butter to continue to grow.

Here’s what’s left on my list.  Can you help out?

If you missed a chance to be a community supporter earlier here's your chance.  Stop by the shop and talk with Dan or one of our baristas about a way to share your gifts of time, talent, or financial support! Every little bit helps (and will be acknowledged/rewarded)!

1.  outdoor bench(1)  from a local crafts person... (we’ve been given permission to create a seating area on the north side!) ($500) - we have one now on our front patio - let's get another!

2.  Edible landscaping – we would like to add berries and other fruits to our outdoor space (to harvest for use in the shop!)  (even a donation to MN GREEN $55 could help us with resources).  We're also aiming to put in more native grasses along our front boulevard...

3. A bike pump for our Bike Repair Station -($40) I've got my eye on one from REI that would help us replace one that rode off with freshly filled bike tires...  another $60 and we can repair the tool cables that were damaged last summer...

4. A BEE HOTEL for our pollinator garden worker bees...would you like to build us one?  We do have a design in mind.

5. A second espresso grinder to dedicate to decaf espresso grinding.  Are you an espresso lover?  Get espresso shots for life with a donation that lets us purchase this equipment ($250-$300)