Our Story

our story and mission at Butter Bakery Cafe


From owner Dan Swenson-Klatt

Butter Bakery Cafe completed its 13th year in 2018.   We are a neighborhood-based, family-run cafe serving the Kingfield and Lyndale Neighborhoods of southwest Minneapolis.  With head baker, Rebecca Yale, and a cast and crew of staff and regulars, we aim to create a community centered gathering place for people of all kinds and all ages.  Our partnership with Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative connects us to the young adults living above us in Nicollet Square.  We serve as a worksite and mentors for these youth who have been homeless or are at risk of being homeless.   We recently re-formed as a General Benefit Corporation to honor our mission-oriented focus for the business.

In April of 2017 we chose to move to a no-tip model for pricing and compensation and join the effort for Fair Wages within our industry. We aim to remove inequities and disparities, reduce the insecurity of fluctuating wages, and to create a professional atmosphere for our all who provide their service and talents to bring you great food and drink.

our butterfly sculpture is always ready to welcome you and help you imagine the transformation that is possible in our lives

our butterfly sculpture is always ready to welcome you and help you imagine the transformation that is possible in our lives

We have designed our business to be open, generous and welcoming.  We are connected to schools, churches, neighborhood organizations, non-profits, and theaters.  We support local musicians and artists, and actively seek to push a more environmentally friendly business model to all we work with.  We are blessed with great supporters, loyal customers, and hardworking volunteers who add to what we are able to do out of our small corner here on Nicollet and 37th. 

I started this with a bit of what my father left me - a set of 1950’s autographed baseball cards. I began with the love and encouragement of what my mother was able to give me before she died three years into this adventure. And I continue with the strong faith that my family, friends and neighbors are there with me even during the longest days and nights to remind me that this is indeed someplace unique and special.
— Dan Swenson-Klatt, owner

After 20 years in education, mostly working to inspire 13 and 14 year olds to love reading, writing and performing, Dan felt the urge to move into a whole new type of classroom - a storefront - where he could continue to share his stories, educate all who are curious, and be the facilitator and guide that allows his crew to develop their skills and find their gifts.  "My sisters and brother and I all shared a desire to bring great coffee and bakery in a space that was meant to serve its neighbors.  My wife and children surround me with love and support to make this a family business.  We have grown and adjusted and learned how find that sweet spot where what we do is what our neighbors want us to do." 



Butter is a handmade kind of place.  We do it ourselves. We make things from scratch so that we know what goes into the products we serve and how they were made.  We flow with the seasons, and love to highlight the products available from local farmers and food makers. 

Just a coffee shop?  Nope.  It's butter.