Stories from the corner of 37th and Nicollet

Day 4 - movement

We started the day at the shop with a visit from our friendly pest guy - Larry.  A sure sign of spring - little sweet ants were traipsing in the back door and making their trek in and out with, what? I don't know, biscuit crumbs? Happy ants I'm sure, but fortunately Larry was willing to hop over this morning (he's always here "bright and early!") and lay down a bit of repel-ant.

Then, as the morning began to unfold, another collection of ants were forming out in front of the shop.  These worker ants were hauling granite street pavers, one by one to nearby trunks of cars and trucks, to wheelbarrows and wagons, to boxes and baskets.  The little line continued on until nearly evening.  And the large pile from Friday (it was definitely smaller than it had been when I left Friday night at 10:30) - was quite reduced by nightfall as pieces of Nicollet Ave moved into the neighborhood. 

Quite a few of the folks at least worked up enough appetite or thirst to make a visit to the shop today, so I guess the pavers were a kind of marketing tool.  But more than that, I saw the pile as some sort of communal market or perhaps a communal well.  People waited their turn, helped each other out, chatted and made connections, and well, just seemed to be reveling in this "once in a lifetime" kind of event.