Stories from the corner of 37th and Nicollet

Day 3 - a pile of pavers

A large channel has formed down the middle of Nicollet Ave.  Railbed wooden ties were pulled up (the rails evidently had been removed before the first asphalt layer back in the late 50's). And then the granite pavers started to appear.  A massive pile now sits out front of the shop.  They've attracted a few folks who have projects on their minds.  I'm thinking that a couple of blocks for the shop will help us remember the history of the avenue when streetcars could take you downtown and out to lake Minnetonka and if you were adventurous even out to my boyhood lake in North St. Paul - Silver Lake.

Rain, sleet, more snowy stuff.  It won't slow down the piles of rubble forming outside the shop.  Only one thing can do that. A Saturday.

We'll see how the brunch crowd treats the detours and lack of parking.  I'm hopeful.  Tonight a great crowd filled the shop to hear several musicians sing and play as part of the First Friday series.  It really didn't feel any different than last month's show, so who knows, maybe parking and detours aren't that big of a deal.

I started the day with the men from my church joining me for a breakfast gathering.  Our question to ponder - where is the sap rising in your life? brought me to the realization that this spring is a new beginning, in a new site, with a new road forming in front of me.  We are always under construction somehow - but this year feels like a whole new world is opening up.