Stories from the corner of 37th and Nicollet

What light? What end? What tunnel?

One month ago, there seemed to be this amazing momentum building to help us get through the road construction and get on to normal.  Over a month later, nothing has changed. Ok, there has been a lot of work on the south end of the 4 block stretch, but for our block and our corner...nothing. Not one thing. 

I'm waiting.  

The three week "detour of the detour" at 40th Street has gone by and at least we can get back to the original detour. But the rest of the Road Closed / Road Work signs are still out there.  The orange cones line the center of the street.  And the shop local sign sits along 38th Street, hoping to catch a few do-gooder-neighbors who can up their level of support for each of use.

All the while, the south end of the project is getting their sewers, utility lines, street light foundations, and sidewalk work, and soon will be all caught up to me.  Then, finally, the workers will return to my corner and get us a little more road to work with. Could be middle to end of September before it is both driveable and parkable and complete.

I'm waiting. 

And as much as I'm appreciative of the work happening from 38 to 40th, I can't but help wonder why I can't get a little more work completed out in front of my shop and just be done with it.  

The early morning and evening light is starting to fade. I really need a bit of light at the end of this tunnel to help me navigate the final weeks of the road construction.  It has been long and tough, and I'm still waiting.