Stories from the corner of 37th and Nicollet

Look who's back in town

Direct from their extended engagement just to the south of me, the road crew (Thomas and Sons) appeared again today.  Live. To Work.   I had not seen a few of the once familiar faces since last June - but here they were again, this time out in front helping to make my temporary light pole (installed last October) a bit less temporary so it can withstand one more winter.   As cement poured out front, I could sense a different attitude - as they attempt to get through their final checklist before the paving team arrives next week to get our final layer of asphalt. 

As I passed by the southern end of the project today, I counted all four corners completed with concrete.  A very good sign.  It seems the tail has now caught up to the front and the next stage is nearly ready to begin. 

One benefit from having the city a bit behind on their sign work along the avenue, when the signs do go up they will be identified as 2 hour parking.  At this point the parking is available for how ever long you need it. 

Still a bit to go, but folks in orange vests are always a good sign.  Workers present = work completed.