Pizza Dough Ball Hints and Tips

 So you have a dough ball from Butter Bakery Cafe! Here are a few notes to put it to use!

Use within three days, or freeze up to three months then defrost in refrigerator over night.

Pull from fridge onto counter two hours before you want to assemble.

Makes a 10-12 inch pizza.

Cooking options:

Outdoor pizza oven! (a Kingfield tradition)

Conventional oven at 450F with pizza stone

Conventional oven on baking sheet

Backyard grill - (oil the grill first!) then grill on both sides, pull, top with your favorite toppings and set on grill (covered) until toppings heat through

Some tips and tricks:

Use flour or corn meal to keep from sticking.

Can be par-baked

*we like to say “thin to win” for rolling out and “less is more” for toppings when using these dough balls