Employment opportunities at Butter

Butter Bakery Cafe has been 12 years in the making as a restaurant and bakery in Southwest Minneapolis devoted to building stronger and more sustainable communities through great food. Our business is a team effort – a small batch, from scratch bakery and kitchen, and a stellar cafe staff who know how to turn out great coffee drinks and take care of our customers. 

Our staff come to work each day to build community, educate, learn, and lead by example. We create high quality products that will leave the world a better place. We are deeply engaged with our regular customers and our wider neighborhoods, as well as with our youth internship program. We offer a meal plan, staff discounts, training and development opportunities, and flexible scheduling.  We moved to a no-tip model for pricing in April of 2017 to provide fair wages for all employees regardless of shifts and seasonal traffic patterns. We have a goal of reaching a $15 base wage for all staff by the end of 2018.

Sound like a good fit? Read on!

What we're looking for

Qualified applicants will have:

  • previous experience working in food service or hospitality
  • a flexible schedule
  • ability to work quickly, shift to new tasks efficiently, and take initiative 
  • ability to work on your feet for extended periods and lift up to 50 lbs
  • strong work ethic
  • a friendly, professional, and positive presence and attitude
  • excellent communication and organization skills
  • strong references
  • an attention to detail and neatness
  • willingness to learn, coach, and develop new skills
  • readiness to work on a team and collaborate with co-workers

Our strongest applicants will also have some of these traits:

  • familiarity with the Kingfield neighborhood,  Lyndale neighborhood, Bryant neighborhood, and/or South Minneapolis
  • commitment to long term growth with our business and community
  • passion for and experience with the local food economy and independent businesses
  • skills in teaching and coaching youth
  • strong knowledge in food safety or ServeSafe certified
  • culinary degree (kitchen and bakery positions)


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Summer 2018

the front of the house is settling into place for the summer - stay tuned to see if there are any updates for end of summer / fall changes

Our kitchen team is hiring for an afternoon/evening grill cook.  It's mostly solo line work with prep tasks and closing duties

The bakery has filled open spots for the summer - we may need to add part time baker support in the fall - especially with cakes or breads if you're interested in connecting with us.

barista position

cook position

baker position