Stories from the corner of 37th and Nicollet

Nicollet Ave renewed - day 1

Decided to walk to work today knowing the parking issues that we would face.  A cold rain - that sure hinted at the snow to come - swirled around me as I walked up a quiet Nicollet Ave.  As I passed 38th St. the road crew were in the process of pulling the barricade across the street. Fitting, I thought - closing me in, much like those old "Get Smart" shows I used to love as the doors slammed close behind him. 

Our first action, was navigating the loss of both Nicollet and 37th street - which had been selected for street cleaning, although the rain/sleet was doing a pretty fine job on its own.  

Then - the tree crew arrived, blocked off the front door to take down the large ash on the corner.  It had been struggling; it certainly wouldn't have survived the root disruption at the corner.  But all of watched with sadness as the tree came down with thuds into the street.  We shepherd customers through our back emergency exit and into the parking lot to avoid tree work for.  Then, as quickly as the crew appeared, they had ground up the stump and moved down the street clearing many small boulevard trees - which eventually (maybe this fall - maybe next spring) will be replaced. 

And then it got quiet. Could have been the snow/rain/sleet - could have been the cold. And could have been that signs along Nicollet  and at 37th St all say road closed.  Yes, businesses are open.  Parking is pretty limited - use Blaisdell and walk - I did later in the day after running some errands - but our walkers (and brave bikers) did come in today.  And we all had that look of - well - here we go.  8 weeks.