Stories from the corner of 37th and Nicollet

Day 2 - Nicollet Ave at 37th st. reconstruction

Did someone say 8 weeks?  Well, maybe more like 12 we heard this morning at the meeting I will be hosting with the city on the first and third Thursdays to review the project.

Yes, I understand renovation projects.  My first house project on Elliot Ave South was meant to be done before our children were born...Well, 14 years later...there were still a few things left on the list when we moved over to Kingfield.   I was pretty impressed that we were within a week (okay after moving the opening date a month further out) from opening the Cafe on-time in its new location here on Nicollet.

But today - well it sure seemed like things were moving along quick;y.  A backhoe scraped a few inches off the surface of the road dragging its little hill down the block.  Rumbling thuds and the hum of engines gave us all a sense of power and progress.  The road does actually look smoother without all the potholes.  Plenty more to go still.

And I was reminded of my sandbox days, rearranging the layout of my little roads and towns, finding the sandbox too small so I would need to extend the roads into the yard around the box, and eventually determining that waterways were necessary too, creating lakes, flowing (hose) rivers, and unimproved paths through the grassy wilderness.  It doesn't seem much different here, other than scale.

We're coming up with plenty of ways to smile - just got to smile through it, I guess, or as my Grandmother would reply to every 'how are you?' - "No use complaining."