Stories from the corner of 37th and Nicollet

Day 5 - the sun shines

This was a fine day to be out on the front sidewalk patio.  No big trucks at work, no buses, no cars (well one or two backing in to pick up pavers...) and sunshine.  I didn't find much time to sit and enjoy it - but each time I stepped out, I tried to imagine this space in a few years, completed, trees growing, activity... It's easier to feel this way with the sun shining.

It was another lively Sunday brunch, but I could tell that the road closing, detours, lack of signage and parking had a bit of an effect.  Fortunately, the lovely weather meant a longer walk was not an issue for most.

And it seems that at least while there are pavers, the road is a draw in itself.  I find it kind of cool thinking about the construction project that happened to lay all the granite pavers those many years ago.

tomorrow - the road will continue to be disassembled, we will continue to bake.  It goes on.