Stories from the corner of 37th and Nicollet

Quiet, Loud, Quiet - Day 6

The corner disappeared today, torn up and hauled away. The removal process finally felt like it was here.  Thuds, vibration, clouds of dust.  Big equipment outside every window. Then, quiet.  By 3 pm they had cleared out, and the beautiful 70 degree May day settled over the street with quiet.

I walked down the block to Nicollet Hardware to pick up an air filter and some street survival advice from Juleen.  Then I took a seat on our front patio and enjoyed the quiet.  No traffic, no rumbling, just a warm spring afternoon.  Almost wished it wouldn't get busy...

It was a bit too quiet inside the shop - the first day that it really felt like folks were avoiding the construction.  Differently quiet.  Sadly quiet.  This part I do wish will end soon and tried to remember that this pause can give me time to breathe and sit and get some things done that have been on the long list of to do's.