Stories from the corner of 37th and Nicollet

Day 7 - long days

As I left this evening, I was greeted by a neighbor was out for that amazing warm spring evening walk with baby and family (I do remember those from 20 years ago -- the stroller walk to put my daughter to sleet) -- yes, it was nearly 11 pm...and so her response - that's a long day - you're just going home? struck me as, well, yes, you're right, it was a long day, having started at 6:30 am.  But long? No.  There just aren't times when I am at the shop where I think, woah, what a long day.  The time flies. I never get done what I have on my list.  There is always more.  It is never over. 

Sure there have been a number of occasions where, late at night, as I'm trying to finish up, I will make a bigger mess, hurt myself, or look at the clock and realize I'm moving very slowly, and then think - I want to go home.  I have been here too long.  But long days? I just don't imagine them in long or short... they just are.

I continue to put on my game face.  Remember to smile. Act as if it will all work out.  Save the panic for my private gripe sessions.  And as my grandmother always said - "Can't complain.  Does no good anyway."

This day, hot, summery almost, was all about iced coffee and sandwiches. Strollers are back in force. A new ramp into the shop will help us deal with the temporary water pipes laying across our sidewalk.  It really does look like a construction zone now.

 And the loyal customers have that look of pride (and glee) at being able to say - see even a little disruption like a road project can't keep us away!  The day for them - is well - just another day. 

Long or short - just another day.