Stories from the corner of 37th and Nicollet

Back and forth

After being away for a few days, I was hoping to see something that looked different from the day I left, but, well, I guess it was the long holiday weekend, and then there was the rain, and well, it just didn't look any different. 

And then... 

The past couple of days grading has been finishing up, and sewer work is being completed, and we've had the pleasure of having vibrating walls and floors as a large heavy drum rolls back and forth in front of the shop to pack and tamp the layers of sand and gravel.   This is a slightly different form of rolling than our pie crust rolling in the shop. 

And although I've often associated early June with grading (as a teacher) - this grading of the road is a totally different experience.   Huge dump trucks unload piles of gravel and sand, a bulldozer (driver gesturing to truck for drop spots) pushes and pulls the pile into a layer and the roller pulls in to pack it down...and then another dump truck arrives and drops a another pile on what looked like a perfectly fine packed roadway ready to go...but layer by layer....sort of like the work we do to create the danish dough - a roadway is rising.

And then, at the end of the day, a form went in across the street - THE BUS PAD will be poured - our first concrete to be settling in.  They did have to dig into that smooth roadway, which seems to be a theme in road construction - make it smooth - dig it up -fill it in - make it smooth - dig it up.

The whispered word this week is asphalt...seems there might be a new color to the avenue coming soon.