Stories from the corner of 37th and Nicollet

May 23 - Day 23 - time for a break

The construction crew had a sunny day to dry out and move along on sewer, grading and utility lines.  There was plenty of action today and the number of trucks and piles of sand grew throughout the day.  And then, holiday.

There won't be construction work on Friday or Monday. We will, of course, be open and working, hoping to stretch out something this long holiday weekend, typically a pretty big one for the shop.  But I just don't know what to expect with the loss of access and parking this year.  At least if the weather is decent the outdoor seating will be quite and calm.

And yet, I'm just wishing they could work longer days, work weekends, work holidays, work extra hard and extra fast and just be done with this. I've been putting in the longer days, work every day, extra hard and extra fast to try to keep the cafe functioning, so I'd like them to do the same.  And yet, I know that's not a smart plan.  My day away last weekend was both rare and beneficial.  My break over these next couple days should also be rewarding as I attend my daughter's college graduation.   And when i return, the road crew will be back in the trenches, back on the equipment. And we will work.

I will be taking a