Community Support Connections

Community Support Connections for October 2019

Share some love with a Kingfield Neighborhood Association EQUITY lawn sign Pick up one of the last 3 sigsn with a suggested donation of $10 but we accept any amount (including free). Your yard is ready and the political atmosphere is aways ready.

you also find a bit of BUTTER at...

Jungle Theater serves our treats for Ride the Cyclone playing through October 20

We're providing support, contributions and donations to:

Green Central Elementary School for their monthly pastries with the principal event (2nd)

CLUES - holding their fall fundraising event (10th)

Twin Cities Book Festival - with treats for the authors, volunteers and presenters (12th)

Redeember Residence for their fall fundraising dinner (15th)

Lyndale Neighborhood Association’s fall fundraiser (17th)

Our Saviour’s Community Services fall fundraising event (24th)

TRUST Inc’s fall fundraiser (25th)

Zion Lutheran Church’s Fall fundraising dinner and raffle (26th)

Planned Parenthood’s annual fundraiser (28th)

Metro Independent Business Alliance’s annual INDIE AWARDS event (29th)

and continuing efforts for:

connect with Kristen Froebel during her Monday "office hours" for discussion of her film-in-the-works - "Where Moving Things Rest." Kristen is dedicated to bringing stories of homeless youth to the screen.

Save the Boundary Waters Coalition - supporting efforts against pipeline construction and copper mining in northern Minnesota. Their annual gala is October 9 - I’d be there, but I’m actually aiming to be in the BWCA that day!

Supporting the efforts of Hennepin County to increase organics recycling composting for both residents and businesses  Join KFNA's efforts to build ROT (Rocking Organics Team)

Our friends at ALL SQUARE  and FUNKY GRITS -and our mentees at CAFE MEOW should be on your friend list too. Our latest partnership efforts include connecting with Gutterpunk Coffee - providing work and mentorship for homeless youth - we hope to have beans available for purchase at Butter soon.

Performer Kamp Welch is seeking support for his music and ministry by supporting his Go-Fund-Me page - and he also wants to encourage you to check out the page for Tawn Mastrey also.

Cheer on the baker/gardeners at GREEN GARDEN BAKERY who have launched a campaign for a permanent shop on the northside!  And more connections forming for our partnership with the crew at SPARK-Y to help support sustainable food systems by educating high school students.

*City Advocacy work – Raise the minimum wage movement is moving along at the state and national level now. We are living it out here at Butter through a model that doesn't use tip compensation to provide fair, equitable, living wages for our staff.  Dan is a part of a group of businesses working pushing for One Fair Wage nationally through RAISE.  A local Restaurant Owners Discussion Group has formed as well to provide support and resources to owners seeking to make all of this work for the bottom line as well. Dan is also connected to the Work Advisory Committee for the City of Minneapolis where the current efforts are focusing on a Wage Theft ordinance to fill in where the new State ordinance leaves off.

*State advocacy efforts– Dan and the Butter crew are finding ways to address state legislators to call for adequate, affordable child care, housing, transit, health care as well as access to capital, so that small neighborhood businesses can thrive. Although the Paid Family and Medical Leave Act did not survive the deal-making at the end of the last session, we made great progress and can imagine access to such a fundamental support for babies and their parents, as well as for those who try to manage chronic medical issues. How to make it happen - a few changes in the state Senate to shift that balance of power. Let’s get to work on electing folks who will pledge to vote yes.

Need a way to get connected?  TakeActionMN!  Shop your values through Main Street Alliance! Network with the Metro Independent Business Alliance!

*National advocacy efforts – we’ve joined a national movement of restaurants to offer a refuge from hate – “Sanctuary Restaurant – A Place at the Table for Everyone” 

we're expecting the following groups at butter during OCTOBER to use our Community Table - get your group on our community list!

our usual YMCA after-groups Tues/Thurs @9 /Weds @7

first Fridays - Our Saviour’s Men’s breakfast group at 7 am (4th)

join the Feral Crochet Circle meeting on the first Saturdays at 1 pm. (5th)

second Mondays - Wilderness Canoe Base women’s group at 9 am (14th)

Boomerang Bags - a sewing bee event to create reusable tote bags! - Third Tuesdays at 6:30 pm (15th)

join up with other neighborhood writers - third Wednesday evenings at 6:30 (16th) - led by Katy Carlson

the neighborhood knitters (Hats for the Homeless) - third Saturdays at 11 am (19th)

and it’s the Solo-Preneurs meeting with us fourth Fridays at 9:30 am (25th)