Community Support Connections

Welcome John Sauer for May and June at Butter

Welcome John Sauer for May and June at Butter

Community Support Connections for MAY

Do you have your Kingfield Neighborhood Association EQUITY lawn sign? – Pick one up at Butter! they have a suggested donation of $10 but we’ll take any amount!

We're back at the Jungle Theater with intermission treats

We're providing contributions and donations to:

Green Central School – May 2

Southwest High School Foundation - May 5

Lyndale Elementary School Teacher Appreciation! - May 9

South High School Music Department Spring Concerts! - May 9 through May 19

Catering an event for potential donors for Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative - May 15

Student Parent HELP at the U of M End of Year Celebration - May 16

Redeemer Health and Rehab's celebration of National Nursing Home week - May 19

MN Literacy Council Event - May 25

Can you send a little support to our pals at CAFE MEOW? They're working on a plan to locate in the Lyn-Lake area!

*City Advocacy work – continues as our city imagines lifting wages.  We're taking it to the next step by creating a model that doesn't use tip compensation to provide fair, living wages for our staff.  Dan is a part of a group of businesses working with the city on their support for One Fair Wage and small business support.

*State advocacy efforts– the pre-emption bill seeking to stop cities like Minneapolis and St. Paul from creating workplace rules (like the Earned Sick and Safe Time and the minimum wage increases which it aims to REPEAL). Please contact the Governor and tell him to not sign this bill. Need a way to get connected?  TakeActionMN!

*National advocacy efforts – we’ve joined a national movement of restaurants to offer a refuge from hate – “Sanctuary Restaurant – A Place at the Table for Everyone”

we're expecting the following groups at butter during May to use our Community Table

2nd - a group of knitters settled in (7 pm)

5th – Our Saviour’s Men’s early breakfast group (6:30 am)

8th – Wilderness Canoe Base women’s group (9 am)

16th – Lutheran Volunteer Corps Alumni and Friends breakfast (7:30 am)

our usual YMCA after-groups Tues/Thurs @9 /Weds @7

And our Very OWN Butter Barista, Ben S-K, will be on the Guthrie Stage in Refugia - beginning May 11