Community Support Connections

Community Support Connections for September 2018

The meanness of the world getting you down? Share some love with a Kingfield Neighborhood Association EQUITY lawn sign Pick up one of the last remaining ones with a suggested donation of $10 but we accept any amount (including free). You can also practice your kindness skills through conversations led by Inclusivi-tees -- We're working with the Inclusivi-tees crew as part of our BUTTER SUPPORT TEAM membership to clothe you with artist-designed shirts for a yearly donation! Talk to Dan if you're interested.

you also find a bit of BUTTER at...

Jungle Theater with intermission treats for Little Women - opening September 22nd --

We're providing support, contributions and donations to:

Join Kristen Froebel for her Monday "office hours" for discussion of her film-in-the-works - "Where Moving Things Rest." Kristen is dedicated to bringing stories of homeless youth to the screen.

Kingfield's Outdoor Bread Oven - behind the Center for Performing Arts - with our pizza dough balls

A set of pastries for the MN Ovarian Cancer annual fundraiser - September 15 - as I acknowledge my mother, Joan Regal's passing August 31,  8 years ago.

It's that time again - membership drive at KFAI - so we'll be feeding the volunteers for lunch on September 25 (so if you want to volunteer that know you've got a free yummy lunch!)

We'll be connecting with the soccer players of South High for their Super Soccer Saturday, September 29.

And it's been a joy to be working with Alan Scholer of Bad Gyros, a food market stand, who'll share the street with us for Open Streets to create a tasty treat with us for the event!

and continuing efforts for:

Save the Boundary Waters Coalition - supporting efforts against pipeline construction and copper mining in northern Minnesota   ARE YOU READY TO PROTEST?  NO MORE OIL. TRY BUTTER INSTEAD.

And supporting the efforts of Hennepin County to increase organics recycling composting for both residents and businesses  Join KFNA's efforts to build ROT (Rocking Organics Team)  - August 13

Send some love to our pals at ALL SQUARE  - the grand opening is planned for September 8 - with a ribbon cutting by Mayor Frey at 10:45 am!

Our loyal Saturday evening performer Kamp Welch is taking a break as he prepares for a move to the east coast.  You can still your support for his music and ministry by supporting his Go-Fund-Me page - and he wants to encourage you to check out the page for Tawn Mastrey also!


Melissa developing Uptown Doggie Day Care! to our mentees at CAFE MEOW  and for the baker/gardeners at GREEN GARDEN BAKERY who have launched a campaign for a permanent shop on the northside!  And more connections forming for our partnership with the crew at SPARK-Y to help support sustainable food systems by educating high school students.

*City Advocacy work – continues as our city begins lifting wages.  We are living it out here at Butter through a model that doesn't use tip compensation to provide fair, living wages for our staff.  Dan is a part of a group of businesses working with the city on their support for One Fair Wage and small business support.  Dan is lending his support to One Fair Wage campaigns in St. Paul and other parts of the country this year.  A Restaurant Owners Discussion Group has formed as well to provide support and resources to owners seeking to make all of this work for the bottom line as well. Dan is also a member of the Work Advisory Committee for the City of Minneapolis.

*State advocacy efforts– Dan is representing MAIN STREET ALLIANCE with a coalition of state organizations seeking to bring more "people's voice" into our state governance process.  The group, Our Minnesota Future, has been working with our candidates for governor to participate more deeply through a co-governance model.  I've been encouraging steps to remove the health care administrative burden from businesses and creating a universal/single payer system.  We also recognize the need for affordable housing and transit to allow me to provide fair wages that can still be living wages.

Need a way to get connected?  TakeActionMN!  Shop your values through Main Street Alliance!

*National advocacy efforts – we’ve joined a national movement of restaurants to offer a refuge from hate – “Sanctuary Restaurant – A Place at the Table for Everyone” 

we're expecting the following groups at butter during July to use our Community Table

7th– Our Saviour’s Men’s early breakfast group (7 am)

10th – Wilderness Canoe Base women’s group (9 am)

our usual YMCA after-groups Tues/Thurs @9 /Weds @7

And join up with other neighborhood writers - third Wednesday evenings at 6:30

And yes, you've seen a few other political hopefuls in the shop as well - including LaDonna Redmond, Aisha Gomez and Ilhan Omar.  If you need some political advice, expect that there will be someone in the shop to have it.