Community Support Connections

Welcome Munir Kahar at Butter through October

Welcome Munir Kahar at Butter through October

Community Support Connections for SEPTEMBER

Do you have your Kingfield Neighborhood Association EQUITY lawn sign? – Pick one up at Butter! they have a suggested donation of $10 but we’ll take any amount!

We're back at the Jungle Theater with intermission treats. Previews of The Nether, a sci-fi crime story begin September 13.

We're providing support, contributions and donations to:

Green Central School - Pastries with the Principal, each first Wednesday of the month.

Sabathani Community Gardeners (September 9)

We're helping Inclusivi-tee with a video project they're calling SHOW YOUR LOVE! as well as assisting with a collection of art supplies. (September 10)

Kingfield Pizza Oven event (September 14)

The Human Rights Campaign annual fundraiser (September 16)


Send some love to our pals at CAFE MEOW! They're working on a plan to locate in the Lyn-Lake area!

*City Advocacy work – continues as our city imagines lifting wages.  We are living it out here at Butter through a model that doesn't use tip compensation to provide fair, living wages for our staff.  Dan is a part of a group of businesses working with the city on their support for One Fair Wage and small business support.

*State advocacy efforts– You'll find me working to remove the health care administrative burden from businesses and creating a universal/single payer system.  Need a way to get connected?  TakeActionMN!  Shop your values through Main Street Alliance!

*National advocacy efforts – we’ve joined a national movement of restaurants to offer a refuge from hate – “Sanctuary Restaurant – A Place at the Table for Everyone”

we're expecting the following groups at butter during September to use our Community Table

1st – Our Saviour’s Men’s early breakfast group (6:30 am)

11th – Wilderness Canoe Base women’s group (9 am)

19th – Lutheran Volunteer Corps Alumni and Friends breakfast (7:30 am)

our usual YMCA after-groups Tues/Thurs @9 /Weds @7

And join up with other neighborhood writers - Wednesday evenings at 6:30