Stories from the corner of 37th and Nicollet

Below the surface - day 13

7 am the workers jump into action.  Our smooth sand road began its next phase as trenches for water and sewer work got underway.  Deeper, now below the former surface - leaving sewer covers hanging out there like atolls.

The final stretch of this phase - the little half block up to 38th got torn up today - creating an off-road road for access into a couple of the mid-block businesses.  I feel a bit fortunate having a corner spot with access into a parking area - limited as it is.

In the evening I had the opportunity to walk the construction area while heading to and from a Lyndale Neighborhood Association board meeting. The old rails were exposed at 38th street, the hike across the intersection felt like a boundary waters portage, and then, down along the sandy stretch near 36th - a baseball game was being played in the middle of the sand-lot (street).  After talking about the possibility of an Open Streets event along Nicollet this fall - here it was already in action. Bring your sandbox toys.