Stories from the corner of 37th and Nicollet

Sweet 16

Trenches fascinate me.  I am always amazed at the amount of sand that can come out of a hole.  I also wonder at how the sides can hold and not just collapse into the bottom of the trench.  I know I'd feel a bit uneasy down inside one...

  Today the trenches were helping to set up access to the water lines that will be cleaned and relined.   The back hoe was zooming around for quite a bit - until one large pipe got in the way --- out came the saw (that's one big saw) and pieces of a concrete pipe found their way out of the sand and into the collection of found items.

I got the update from the city and inspector - all's well and moving along. Grading will be completed near 36th street next week. Wow - that was fast!  Oh, wait, the asphalt doesn't go down until the whole section is ready.  But it won't be long until the first of the 10 inches of asphalt will find its way on to the sandy stretch now known as Nicollet Beach.

I also met David - the resident photographer-historian who has been documenting the work on the roadway.  He is also researching the road to help tell its full story.  And as we got to talking about the "Lake Street Interchange"  - I could tell he is also very interested in Nicollet Avenue's future - one without the Kmart blocking it.

The workers get the weekend off.  Good thing -  as rain is forecast to keep our newly blooming shrubs refreshed.  I too will take the weekend off, a rare occurrence, but certainly needed to keep me refreshed.