Stories from the corner of 37th and Nicollet

working on a saturday

Having now had nearly eight years of working on Saturdays, I don't think much of it.  They are often are biggest days of the week. I can tell nearly all the folks we serve on Saturdays have the day off and I can sometimes get a little envious of that kind of freedom.   

But for much of the world, days of the week are less important than "when things need to get done." Dairy cows don't take the weekend off, stores stay open, people get hurt or need assistance, and people want to be entertained. 

Although it seems that the road building project could wait through the weekend, the asphalt crew is out there this morning. They had told us there would be a third layer of blacktop on the road by Friday, but the mid-week rains slowed down construction, and so, Saturday is a work day.  They have their eyes on the sky, hoping to get ahead of any possible showers and to keep to their own schedule.  Another job ahead? Just want to get out to the golf course?

We will work today and be grateful for the opportunity to serve customers for today is another work day.